Monday, August 8, 2011

EPIC Weekend Part Two


8:00 a.m. The sporting event of the year began. Team Thompson...Team Winans...27 Hole Battle Royal for the LEGENDS CUP. Here's how it went down in our 5th annual Legends Cup. 16 points possible...Team Thompson, the defending champions needed 8 to retain the cup. Team Winans needed 8.5 points to win.

In the front 9 scramble section of the competition, 2 of my guys scrambled against 2 of his guys in 4 different pairings.

Our first pairing (me and Mark) took out Scott and Steve for a point
Our second pairing (Rick and Chuck) took out their opponents for a point
Our third pairing (Jordan and Matt) halved with their opponents for half a point.
Our final pairing (Todd and D-Lo) took out their opponents for a point.

Team Thompson 3.5 Team Winans .5

In the middle 9 best ball section of the competition

My pairing got trounced by Scott and Steve.
My second pairing took out their opponents for a point.
My third pairing took out their opponents for a point.
My fourth pairing took out their opponents for a point.

Team Thompson 6.5 Team Winans 1.5

The deal seemed all but sealed going into the last nine (indivual competition). We needed 1.5 points to win.

I checked in with my team after five holes. 7 of our 8 matches were losing! This meant we'd lose the cup.

I was down two to Scott (the captains match). Then I cut it down to one on hole 6 and cut it down to even on hole 8. With only one hole to go, and knowing there was a lot riding on our match, I step up to the final hole.

I played a conservative hybrid shot off the par 5 tee...succulent...down the middle. Scott who had been Herculean off the tee all day goes with driver and whether it was added pressure, my partner coughing in his backswing or me praying curses upon his golf game to the Almighty, Scott popped his tee shot up. He then tried to make up for hit with a massive 3 wood that ended up in the water. I stayed conservative. Hit a 7 iron to about 115 yards. Scott put his 4th shot on the green. I have a 9 iron over a lake to keep the pressure on him. Scott, always playing strategy, pulls his cart right next to me for the shot of my insignificant golf career. I hit the ball...and said "Onions". I put it on the green and got a 2 putt par to beat his 2 putt bogey.

Found out as all the pairings came in that Team Winans had made a huge run and actually took 6 of the last 8 points. I had two other guys get half points.

Team Thompson 8.5 Team Winans 7.5

And I beat my nemesis (and best bud) for the first time in the history of the Legends Cup. I will be sippin Mountain Dew from the Legends Cup for the next 12 months. haha. All kidding aside...It was a fun day of golf on a beautiful course in Massillon.

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