Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Meanderings on Church and Leadership X

One of the most important paradigm shifts that you can make in any organization, but specifically and particularly a church is something I heard from Craig Groeschel.

It is the shift from saying "our people won't _______" to "we haven't led them to ______"

Our people won't worship? No, we haven't led them to worship! Our people won't give generously? No, we haven't led them to give generously! Our people won't serve? No, we haven't led them to serve.

Many churches, businesses and organizations find themselves in tight financial straights right now. Whether you need more generosity for your not-for-profit to function or you have to cut expenses in your business by reducing wages/salaries, good leaders model it before they implement it.

If you're a multi-staffed church, are you joining together around the table saying that it's time to count the cost? If your organization is evidence that 20% of the people do 80% of the work, then how can you model sharing the responsibility? How can you model sacrificial living?

I guarantee that if you will make this paradigm shift and start addressing the Leadership problems instead of the people problems, you will see breakthroughs.

What is the one thing you've been saying about the people of your company or your church that needs to be said about your leadership and/or the leaders around you?

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