Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Attitude Reflects Leadership?

I think this was a line from the movie "Remember the Titans".

Popped in my head this week in some thinking on leadership.

The idea behind this is that the people you lead will be positive or negative in their attitudes and actions based on how, where and why you lead. So if you lead them in the wilderness for an extended period when they desperately wanted to be led to the Promised Land, the negativity may be fierce.

But the inversion of this might be just as true and just as helpful.

Leadership Reflects Attitude.

If the people are a stubborn, stiff-necked, resistant people, who resist change, squelch faith and grumble about their church more than they pray for their church, then Leadership will be exhausted trying to constantly battle this.

Joshua 1 is a good model of leadership.

The Leader (Joshua) is called and anointed by God to take over for Moses as leader of Israel. He then casts the vision God has given him to the people, standing on the shoulders of those who led before him, and then the people affirm him and follow him.

Appointed Leaders cast Anointed Visions and are followed by A Committed people.

Attitude check...you spend more time focused on 'back in Egypt' or more time looking to the future with potential and promise?

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Jeff Honnold said...

Great and timely post - for both those in the church as well as those leading in other areas. I know it's timely for me personally as I am in Atlanta as I start a new adventure to lead a new team of employees down into a unknown future.

In my discussions with them I've already seen how easy it would be for everyone to focus on "how good it was" rather than "how much better it can be".

In order to be effective you have to blend the reality of the challenges that are ahead of you, along with the potential benefits of where you are going and finally getting them to believe that there IS a plan and that the person leading them BELIEVES in that plan and then will LEAD them to the goal.