Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Delight the Audience

"When you focus on delighting an audience you care about, you strip the masses of their power."

This line of Seth Godin's post on popularity today crushed me.

It is so easy to concern ourselves with the opinion of the many. It is so tempting to adjust our sails to avoid the choppy water of negativity or the stinging rain of criticism. And the many delight in being appeased.

Godin is talking about popularity, business, culture...but what struck me is that my audience can, should and must be ONLY ONE. And when I focus on delighting the One...the opinions, criticisms, jabs, negativity and persecution don't just matter less, they become irrelevant.

Church leaders who compromise the ONE for the many are a dime a dozen. And their churches, though the privileged insiders feel like they are getting what they want,will die of attrition and die of a lack of God's Breath in their midst.

Preacher, speak truth even when that family threatens to leave. Speak hope, when the masses claim despair. Lead into uncharted waters, even when the masses are fearful and without maps. You are responsible not primarily for the flock, but for being the best undershepherd you can be...listening, obeying, following the ONLY ONE who matters.

It's a bit of a hokey sounding song, but the heart of it is right on.

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