Monday, May 2, 2011

Couple Thoughts

Osama bin Laden has apparently been shot in killed in Afghanistan.

I hopped on ESPN and this was the headline news story.

Pictures of the Phillies game where the death was announced, tell of throngs of people celebrating the news.

This is troubling to me. First, as a Christian, such a reaction like this is unacceptable. We just had Confirmation Sunday in our church and the message was Crazy that Jesus instructs is for not merely friends, but for enemies too. To see this ethic not only defied, but also celebrated is alarming.

Second, from a political standpoint, my hunch is this is not as significant a victory. The two men largely associated with leading the terror regime, Hussein in Iraq and bin Laden in Afghanistan are now dead and I guarantee that this does nothing to deter others from stepping into leadership. There are deeper issues in the relational strife between the U.S. and many Muslim countries. And, until we stop claiming that they are merely 'extremists', 'terrorists', or 'anti-democratic', we probably won't get very far in resolving this...which means more terror regimes, more fervent in their resolve will like be on the horizon.

Just some Monday morning thoughts. Can a Christian rejoice in the killing of anyone, evil or good?

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