Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun time in Sports

I find myself checking ESPN online a couple times a day over the last few weeks.

March Madness was its usual incredible self.

The Masters was ridiculous.

Peyton Hillis? Final Four for the Madden Cover!

The Indians? Let's be honest, this has been a beginning nobody predicted.

NFL Draft is coming up...not too excited about this with a looming lockout.

Rittman Rec Center Tourney is under way...we lost to the 2 seed and are going to have to work our way out of the Loser's Bracket.

But the best story is one of redemption. Of a shift from darkness to light. Conversion from evil to good. Of prodigals on their way home.

This is Wood. A regular in the mustard world. And until recently, he was a Pittsburgh Steelers nut. He was covered in blindness. And then he saw a great light. Now he has not fully converted....He's not a Browns Fan yet...but the evidence is pretty clear that he is no longer under the power of the dark side.

There's hope for everyone.

(Or...Wood lost a bet on the Super Bowl and he's finally paying up!)


Jeff Honnold said...

HAHA!! We just need to keep praying that Wood will see the light and leave behind the darkness. The poor lost soul.

Wood said...

Noooooo, I am in the Light...this was just a tough loss for Steeler Nation, but we will come back. Black and Gold for life.

I do applaud those who are Browns fans, who keep going day after day knowing that they are a subpar team. Peyton Hillis would be great on the Madden cover, but again, read my (very lengthy) analysis (ok wikipedia) of Madden covers (Polamalu -- need I say more) and you will turn away.