Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Antioch Moments

I was referred by a friend to John Piper's most recent message at his church in Minnesota. He preached out of Acts 13:1-3

He used the phrase "Antioch Moments" to reference this moment that had to be absolutely painful for the Church in Antioch. As they were fasting and worshipping, God prompted them to commission their two most influential leaders, Paul and Barnabas.

Antioch had other capable leaders, but this had to be a crisis moment for them. Really God? Two of the most influential Christians of our era (and actually of all time?!)

Antioch Moments are crossroads moments...where obedience is often costly...where decisions are often counterintuitive.

But the church in Antioch sent Paul and Barnabas out. And it was on that missionary journey that Asia Minor would receive the gospel and later, that Europe would receive the Gospel.

And, lest we think that Antioch had to fall on the sword and die in order for this to happen, it is good to recall that the Antioch Church remained strong for centuries and produced some other Christian juggernauts like Ignatius and Chrysostom.

Listen, you or your church may be at or on the brink of an Antioch Crossroads. Will you have the courage to do what God is laying on your heart? The short term pain...though it is ever so painful, leads to long term gain when it God ordained.

But, if you don't spend the time worshipping, fasting and will merely resort to logic and sensibility in making any life and leadership decisions. Fortunately for will never be called to do anything of substance in the Kingdom of God if this is how you operate. Rarely does God depend on us deeming Him call logical or sensible.

So kill the tv. Quit the 80 hour work week and SEEK FIRST HIS KINGDOM!...if you dare.

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