Thursday, April 14, 2011

24 Hours, Chazown, Sun Stand Still and 1 Peter

I'm reading a bunch of different books right now: Adam Hamilton's "24 Hours That Changed the World"...Craig Groeschel's "Chazown" (which is the Hebrew word for 'Vision' and 'Revelation'), Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick and 1 Peter.

I'm convinced that Good Leaders must be Good Readers.

So, I've made a couple of my goals for 2011 to read 11 books and exegete (dig deeply into) 11 books of the Bible.

I'm on a good pace at this point.

Help me out. What book have you read that is a MUST READ?

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Melissa Spitzig said...

"IT", bu Craig Groeschel :) I have IT,if you would like to borrow it. :)