Thursday, April 7, 2011


Loved this post by Seth Godin. Thought I'd share it with ya!

Perfect vs. interesting There are two jobs available to most of us:

You can be the person or the organization that's perfect. The one that always ships on time, without typos, that delivers flawlessly and dots every i. You can be the hosting company or the doctor that might be boring, but is always right.
Or you can be the person or the organization that's interesting. The thing about being interesting, making a ruckus, creating remarkable products and being magnetic is that you only have to be that way once in a while. No one is expected to be interesting all the time.

Fedex vs. Playwrights Horizons.

When an interesting person is momentarily not-interesting, I wait patiently. When a perfect organization, the boring one that's constantly using its policies to dumb things down, is imperfect, I get annoyed. Because perfect has to be perfect all the time.
*************************** the context of you expect (or demand) Perfect? Or Interesting? Or Neither?

I know people who get bent out of shape when the words on the screen aren't in the right order or on time or someone spelled it your instead of you're. I know people who get perterbed when the song is too fast or too slow or too loud or too soft. I know people that check out when the preacher uses 'umm' or 'like' more than two times in a message. (I am these people sometimes!)

But maybe my hope is that there can be a combination of some degree of perfection and some degree of intrigue mixed together? I digress.

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