Friday, March 18, 2011

Sun Stand Still

Reading a book by Steven Furtick called Sun Stand Still. Furtick takes us through some scenes in the book of Joshua and appeals to all Christians to offer up our 'natural' to God's 'super' and watch what happens.

Here's a couple quotes from reading this morning.

"There are certain phrases I'd like to see permanently banned from our Christian vocabulary. The one that sets me off the most is 'full time ministry'. I know what it's supposed to mean, but I vehemently disagree with its implications. To say that someone is called to full-time ministry suggests that others are permitted to do part-time ministry. But Jesus didn't die on a part-time cross. He doesn't love us with a part-time love. He doesn't cover us with a part-time pardon for sins. There's no such thing as a part-time Christian, and there's no such thing as part-time ministry."

"And when God's super collides with your natural, sparks will fly: God may allow you to receive a negative report from the doctor. Ordinary. But you trust him in a way that causes all of your close friends to see Christ clearly through your response. Extraordinary. God may call you to serve as an unsung youth pastor of fifteen kids, leading meetings in a modly basement, with an Atari for entertainment. Ordinary. But he may also be providing you with the opportunity to pour your life into one of those teenagers who will go on to preach the gospel in a thousand places you'll never go. Extraordinary. God maylead you to stay at home with your young children, foreiting a second income. Ordinary. But along with diapers, dishes, and naps, you receive the gift of time--to model discipline, instill values, and speak life into your kids. They could grow up to be Joshuas in their own generation. Extraordinary."

There have been some timely sections of this book for me personally. Good stuff!

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