Saturday, March 19, 2011

700 Club

Today marks the 700th blog post in Mustard History!

Thanks to all of you who trek with this.

Random life things:

-Shaina and I went to Babies R Us last night. This is apparently an every other week pilgrimage. I love that Shaina has a picture of what she wants for the nursery. I think she used a term like micro-urban. I have no idea what that is. But if it causes the baby to sleep for days at a time, I'm a micro-urban kinda guy.

-I overdid it on the brackets this year. I think I filled out about 10 brackets for various free online competitions. I have to root against myself pretty much every day. Here's my final four if you had to pin me down though. OSU, Texas, Kansas, and Florida. I don't like any team coming out of the Pitt region...BYU is a fun pick, but Jimmer has to consistently put up 30+ for them to win. I like a Texas-Kansas final, with Texas winning it all. It's a sleeper pick to have a 4 seed winning it all. But my best chance at winning a bracket is with Texas as the overall winner, so I'm going for it. The Final Four is in OSU is the better team, but Texas will have a virtual home game.

-I bought a portable hard drive last night. I have been putting together videos, sermons, worship series designs, etc. and I just want to have it in a safe place as I think my Toshiba has already outpunted the coverage and has lived longer than it should have. I will try to transfer everything today.

-I met last week with my small group leaders for a sort of end of year celebration/review. They are pioneering a new type of small group ministry at church and they are a committed, hard working, passionate bunch. They surprised me and brought out a baby gift at the end of the night. We now have a playpen! If nothing else, we now have a caged area to put a child...and that seems like perhaps the most important item we could own haha.

-Going to spend some time tonight with some young adult friends, have some dinner with them and play some games. I'm looking forward to it.

-Tomorrow, I am heading to Mayfield United Methodist Church to teach on the topic of prayer at an evening gathering. Can't wait!

-Next Saturday, I am teaching a workshop at an East Ohio Conference youth event. After the 2.5 hour workshop, I get to close the event by preaching a message on Matthew 5:11.

-Showers, Weddings and Babies Oh My...Something in the water this year...lots of folks getting married and lots of folks poppin' out little creatures. It's a fun season of life!

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