Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Girl Who Got Me A Flower

I led a Bible Study at Mount Union that went from 3 people in my dorm room to 35-40people in a dorm lobby my first two years of college. It wasn't because of deep Bible exegesis. It wasn't life altering teaching. But we had fun in fellowship together.

My sophomore year we had a couple international students join our study. One of these students was Nobuko, a girl who had very little confidence in her English and tended to be a sweet and timid person. She was there many of the weeks and at the end of the year, she brought me an origami flower that she made me. She gave it to me in front of the group to say thank you for leading the group.

Don't read into it. Shaina and I were engaged and there was no wrong intentions involved. She just wanted to say thanks. I turned all shades of red in front of the group. Not because I thought she was hitting on me...but because it was so unexpected and kind.

Nobuko returned to Japan and this week she came to my mind for the first time in 7 years...because of the kind gesture...and because I wonder if she is ok. Things are pretty backwards...I will have spent about 15-20 hours watching basketball this weekend...while Japan is suffering, Libya is in crisis, and Egypt is not far behind.

May God be made much of.

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