Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can't Wait

This kind've stuff makes me stoked to be a dad!

We found out yesterday we're having a girl (allegedly!) The little pot was quite stubborn with her legs...apparently our pre birth talk about modesty and saving yourself for marriage is already paying dividends. We've had two different lab techs, both of whom said they are in the 80-90% certainty that its a girl. We'll go with it and save the receipts.

To be honest, I'm just thankful each time that there is a heartbeat. Nothing is guaranteed, and so each step of the way, we just want to experience the journey and Make Much of Him!

Baby is noticably kicking at this point.

We are narrowing in on names, but will not disclose the name until the baby comes! Batman and Tangled are still on the list!

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Amy said...

Adorable video~ we have the exact same excersaucer at our house! Yay for baby girls! If the techs were wrong, not to worry, baby boys are loads of fun too. Can't wait to meet your little gift from God. Hope you are doing well also.