Friday, October 15, 2010


At Catalyst one of the session was opened up by a musical group and they didn't get introduced or anything...But as soon as they started singing about bones crying out, I knew it was Gungor. I think the Tomlin era of worship music that is accessible and somewhat generic musically is encountering a new era where the creativity of musicianship IS worship. Gungor embodies that...They express worship to God in a unique language of creative image painting and expressive style of musicianship. Here are 3 songs Gungor did that were powerful in worship at Catalyst:

This song, which goes ridiculously well with the message for this Sunday (you should come!)

This song, which I'd never heard before but paints the picture of creation in both lyric and instrument. (And this version is done live in the forest!)

And this song which I love and could only sing through tears!

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