Sunday, October 17, 2010

When God Breathes

Got to preach it today out of Ezekiel 37.

Here's some thoughts/reflections:

Sometimes less is more. In each of the services, the amount of music used was less than typical. But each piece of music was intentional and I had multiple people comment about the overall flow and power of the entire service.

The Word of God speaks for itself...I loved how Ezekiel 29, Jeremiah 52, and so on and so forth told the story and fate of Israel. Ezekiel 37 is one of the coolest passages and it is impossible to give it justice.

Sometimes we need a kick in our buts...we have so many cop outs, excuses and justifications for delaying obedience and that is not an okay thing.

Studying when and where God has breathed throughout the Bible is eye opening. And it is crazy to know that He is not done breathing.

God wants us to know that in the midst of exile and pain, He is right there and He desires to do a new thing and bring the deadest of dead fully alive.

Preaching 3 services is exhausting. Shaina and I were up at 5:15...and that is why I'm heading to bed now...bed and a day off tomorrow. Thank you Jesus.

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