Sunday, August 15, 2010

1st Ever Softball Tourney Experience

So, got a facebook message from a high school friend of mine, Phil. He told me there was a softball tourney in Smithville for a 7 year old with neuroblastoma cancer. Her name is Karrie Dodez.

I got 10 guys and we played.

Cancer sucks.

Kids with cancer sucks alot.

We made it through Pool Play, Intriguing Umpires, Rain Outs, Loser's Brackets and illegal bats to reach the final.

Before the game, I was amped up...first softball tourney experience and we're playing for top honors...and then as I was high fivin' the guys gettin' em pumped up, Karrie came out onto the field and threw the opening pitch.

Forget softball. Everything came into perspective. This life is short and nothing is guaranteed. Don't waste your life.

All told, the tourney raised $3000 for Karrie and I think more importantly, it raised awareness and my hope and prayer is that you'll hope and pray with me, for her. Don't just pray safe prayers...Pray bold prayers to a God who hears and answers. Let's pray that we have to have another softball tournament that is a Celebration that Karrie has kicked the crap out of cancer.

Please take 5 minutes and pray for this girl, her family and a miracle!

(p.s. we took 2nd place)

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