Friday, August 13, 2010

Indians Trivia

Can you name the pitcher in Cleveland Indians History to have been the most dominant ever in their first four starts for the team?

Not Bob Feller.

Not C.C. Sabathia.

Did you say Jeanmar Gomez? If so, you'd be absolutely right. And I went and watched his 4th start last night. Gomez is 3-1 to start his career with the tribe (only 3 others in Cleveland history started off that well) and to add to that, Gomez' ERA is a whopping 1.54.

So yes the Indians are 19 under 500. Yes the average, run of the mill Indians Fan couldn't name 2 of the guys who started last night. Yes, interest in the Indians is at a 20 year low. (I honestly hadn't watched a game all year until I went to Progressive Field last night...and even that was for the Dollar Dogs.) But history is being made...not just in futility, but also with Jeanmar Gomez.

Dear football season, get here fast.

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