Saturday, July 24, 2010

I love my wife.

It's been hot. flippin' hot. I am a hairy guy. Generally, hairy guys and hot weather don't mix (that's not to say that hairy guys and hotness don't mix).

So sitting in a house this afternoon with no AC, fans blowing hot liquid magma instead of air, and me still being hairy...I was just dripping sweat. It's been like this for a couple weeks now. I'm not complaining. We are blessed to have an amazing house...but this heat is overwhelming.

Tonight in the midst of the heat, Shaina and I decided to go find Air Conditioning with a makeshift date. We went to Old Carolina, a wood style barbecue joint that originated in Massillon and has pretty much the best pulled pork in the history of mankind. A small detail to consider though is that if a joint is wood grilling its meat...its gonna be hot there. So dinner in the AC was a fail...but dinner was still good. We then proceeded to Target for the sole reason of stealing their cool air for an hour or so.

We got home and I sat down in my skivies in front of a fan to try to cool down and prep a Sunday School lesson. Shaina asked me to come outside for a minute...I went...still in my skivies...(keep in mind that we have no neighbors and this story will remain g rated.) I get out the door and something whizzes by my head...Lo and behold my wife had launched a water balloon attack and so we had fun with that, watched a storm roll in, and then sat and worshipped at the piano a little bit. I needed that.

I have been running on E with ministry this summer. There is just a ton going on and for the first time in quite awhile, Shaina and I were off the clock together.

My Sunday School lesson isn't prepped, but maybe for the first time in a while, my heart is.

It's been a good day...add to the Break in the Routine the fact that Team Thompson brought home the Legends Cup earlier and it has certainly been a day apart. It's time for this hairy mess of hotness...or is it hot mess of hairyness? to get some rest in the toaster oven known as our house!

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Alicia Penrod said...

This just made me laugh really hard lol
Don't worry about the Sunday School fantastic and delicious zucchini bread and cinnamon honey butter will make up for it lol