Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Reflections

Today was a good worship time at church.

We had a little guy baptized which is a sacred time.

We said goodbye to a church family who has been faithful to the church in so many ways but has to move because of a new job. This was done in a way that was God honoring. It's powerful when a godly man wears his heart on his sleeve in testimony to His Glory!

"Your Love Never Fails" was introduced to the church. By the end of the song people were belting it out. Its a somewhat obscure song on the "contemporary worship circuit" but it is anointed.

Shaina hit a home run with "Healing is in Your Hands". I love what the Kenyans said to describe her singing and worship...She truly brings Heaven downward.

Jerry brought it with the message...I may have to listen to it again to really get all the gems! Here's just a few:

The width of God's love demonstrates his indiscriminant pursuit of each of us.

The height of God's love speaks to the level of quality that it possesses.

The length of God's love tells how it is forever in both directions. His steadfast love endures forever!

The depth of God's love gives us substance, character and maturity.

When we think that Scripture says no one can fathom the magnitude of any of these 4 'directons' of love, it is mind numbing.

Letting God into our hearts is inviting him to be the father of the household. You cannot withhold a room in the house from your Father. You need to hand over the keys and let him in.

We prayed the Iowa Mission Team on their way. I cannot wait to hear how God uses them.

I'm preaching next week on the topics of unity and maturity. Can't wait!

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