Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday church

It's interesting to me how overlooked Pentecost is in our Church Year.

We've done well to get the word out about Jesus' birth and his death/resurrection, but if you ask me, sometimes I think we have a more binitarian view of God than Trinitarian, because we don't know what to do with the Holy Spirit.

God the Father we can comprehend...a Creator God.

God the Son we can identify with...because he took on flesh and was a man.

But God the Spirit...we're either apathetic or terrified. Some don't really see the need for Him, recognizing that Jesus is indeed the thesis of Christianity.

Others are afraid that if the Holy Spirit is allowed to much freedom or movement in their lives and in their churches, then control will be lost and those 'pesky charismatics' might break loose.

But the reality is that Church without Spirit is flashlight without battery.

We would do well to engage more in pneumatology (belief about the Spirit). Because belief in Jesus apart from the Holy Spirit is mere cognitive ascent and nothing more.

I've asked it before...but if the Holy Spirit vacated your church, would anything miss a beat? Are we Program Driven or Spirit Led?

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