Monday, November 9, 2009

check your self...

The household of David is a messed up one, especially after his affair with Bathsheba. His family will rape, murder, lie, stage coups against each other, etc.

Here's something I'm learning. Ungodly motives will sabotage the movement of the Spirit.

We can often seek to submit God to our agenda. We can do that ministry better than they can. We can come up with the perfect formula to get butts in the seats. We can get the promotion at work. You can get the girl into bed by saying and doing things just right. Or you can get him to change into the guy you want him to be just by manipulating things just right.

Listen, if we can't exchange our "My will be dones" for "Thy will be dones" we will never go where God wants to take us, accomplish what God wants to accomplish, influence like God wants to influence. Manipulation and Coersion are not fruits of the Spirit!

So what ways do you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself?

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