Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Muskrats, turkeys and bucks oh my

I love Indian Summer in Ohio...it is one last blast of false hope before the weather turns for the worse. In the span of one week, Shaina and I have seen some pretty crazy things.

We take Shadow down to the canal to walk whenever the weather is good. We see turtles and ducks and squirrels galore, but last week we saw two beaver like creatures swimming in the stream. They didn't have beaver tails so we're calling them muskrats even though I don't even know what those are.

Then last Sunday, pulling out of our driveway to head to church, we look to the right and out of the cornfield pops a wild turkey...then another...then another, crossing the road single file until 10 turkeys were marching to some new land. I tried to get near them and take a pic with my cell phone, but lesson number one about turkeys...they are stinkin' fast! Granted I've lost a step since my basketball days, but these guys could boogie.

The following day we walked Shadow back to the back of our property for some exercise. We stopped at the edge of the woods/field that were out there. All of a sudden, a bunch of leaves rustled about 15 yards to our left and out burst a young buck with about 6 points. He bolted away from us to another area of woods.

Welcome to the land of Oz.

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Becky said...

Oh how I would have loved to witness you chasing after the turkeys for a picture that must have been a site LOL The weather has been so nice and I'm glad that you guys were able to take advantage of it and see some wonderful things. Love you - Gobble gobble