Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ace of Bass

I am playing bass at Church this Sunday...Its the second time in about 5 years that I will be playing bass. Its one of my many hidden mediocre talents. Heres 5 of 'em that you may not have known.

5. I play a little bit of bass and guitar.

4. I freestyle rap...alone in the car.

3. I have a rainman-esque ability to play Boggle. Not kidding...ask my mom. :-)

2. I am a two time Backyard Olympic Gold medalist in Croquet.

1. I see dead people.

Can you top any of these with your own mediocre hidden talents?

1 comment:

Wood said...

Not like Ben wants and or needs the praise, but bravo, Ben did great today. Now Im waiting to hear some freestyle Rap in church