Sunday, May 3, 2009


Going into this weekend we were a few thousand dollars short for our Kenya Mission Trip.

We had one fundraiser left...a softball tournament...for this weekend...Projecting to make the rest of our funding.

Then half the teams cancelled. So we cancelled the event.

Then it rained anyways, which made the cancellation not feel as bad.

Then we mulched our friends (Scott and Angie...avid members of my blog readership...and Akron Zips Fans...makes 'em weird, I know) yard for a donation to the trip. Then we found out that a Sunday School Class at Church wants to donate to the trip. Then, my mom comes along and offers a deal to cover the rest of the expenses for the trip in exchange for some yardwork and painting.

We went into the weekend expecting to fundraise the rest of the trip through softball...We came out of the weekend meeting our goals. Kenya here we come! Gonna make our full flight payments tomorrow!


Mrs. McKinney said...

Sweet - that's awesome news! I wondered if you were going to take mom up on her offer. Let me know if you need anything else - did you check on the memory card for your camera? Would you like me to send you my old digital one to take along? Let me know. Congrats! I know you're excited - good luck wrapping everything up with school and the trip!!! It will be an experience of a lifetime!

Anonymous said...

I thought all flight plans were made yesterday and that is why you couldn't take a certain girl who was supposed to be going on the trip? She was going to get her ss card tomorrow, but was told it was too late. Or is that why you are now able to go- you are using the money from her fundraising and her ticket?

Ben said...

tickets were finalized Friday. That was the last possible date for names to be submitted. The tickets were paid for by Empower and now I am paying her back this week.

wood said...

Congrats...lets also state for the record that not all Akron Zips fans are weird (Class of '87 here)....granted, Im a little off, but not from being a Zip!

Jeff Honnold said...

Ben, that's great news! Know that you all continue to be in my prayers. I am sure that God will use each of you in a mighty way!

2 Hottie said...

I hear that Scott and Angie are one great looking couple.

Wood is the man representin' the Zips faithful.