Monday, May 4, 2009


I'm becoming a pansy...or a petunia...or something else I've yet to learn the name of.

Our new place has been bursting with color and for the first time ever, I'm actually attentive to it. We had approximately 3 bajillion daffodils, some that drooped, some that had orange centers, some that were yellow. Our Magnolia Tree blossomed and it was really...umm. pretty?...ok I can come up with something more manly...The tree was as perfect as a truck hauling 2 tons of freight with hemi power. However, the Magnolia tree is right next to my basketball hoop and that tree is the messiest thing I've ever seen. It dumped its outer casings when it blossomed then within two weeks, the blossoms all fell off.

We've got 6 or 7 lilac bushes that are huge and spell better than a car deodorizing pine tree. We've got some sort of giant red blooming bush that looks like fire...If I were to name it, I'd call it a burning bush.

Add tulips to the mix and this place is just bursting with color.

I am going to monitor my thumb over the next few days and make sure it doesn't turn green.

What's your favorite Spring bloom? I'm leanin' towards the Lilacs...I can be 20 yards from one of those and still catch a whiff.

*This post is nominated as the most de-man-izing post in the history of Mustard. Sigh....tomorrow...I will post about shooting helpless animals.


Mrs. McKinney said... check out this site for flashcards - maybe you'll get motivated for Greek!

Also, I'm pretty sure the flaming red bush IS a burning bush. Mom has one by the deck.

My favorites would have to be the Magnolias - even though they only smell good for a week or so. Ours are blooming here in the south - they are ginormous!!!

Happy Day

Becky said...

Could be a burning bush but we have tons of those and they are green until later in the summer/fall when they turn red. When Kaitlynn was born our pool turned green and the bushes were red and it looked like Christmas in September LOL There may be different types though that are red earlier - who knows. Lilacs are definitely my favorites - ours are just starting to bloom and man do they smell good. Your place sounds beautious and it's good for your thumb to be a little green :o)

Jacquelyn said...

The burning bush turns red in the fall
As for favorites, the lilac and magnolia are super...all I can say is way to go God!!!