Thursday, April 30, 2009

Game for the Ages

In the midst of all the Tick excitement (see below), I got to watch the end of a fantastic basketball game.

Game 6 of the Bulls and Celtics went in to 3 overtimes (I think this is the 4th game in the series that has gone at least one OT).

While continually reaching up and running my fingers through my hair just in case, the Bulls and Celtics locked in for a back and forth slugfest. Ray Allen, whom is in the top five list of most hated NBA guys for me was lights out. 50 some points and hitting shots that he had no business hitting.

I can almost guarantee that this game will be an instant classic on ESPN Classic in the next day or two. I encourage you to watch it if you get the chance. The NBA game is a lot different than other basketball but at the heart is still two teams competing for survival in the playoffs...nothing better than that.

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