Sunday, April 5, 2009

a-ha moment

Shaina and I used to be involved in a homeless ministry in Cleveland. We'd prepare and take up meals every Thursday without fail and feed around 50-100 guys.

One time we had some extra meals and went to a park bench in the midst of a heavy drizzle and chilly night. One of our regulars was there. He was drunk and laying, barely coherent, on a bench. We got over to him with a meal and a hot chocolate and he got up and started yelling. Most of it was a mumbled mess, but he said two things that I still remember a couple years later.

"Forget all your Theology, what you need is Knee-ology"

This statement, though cheesy and cliche, cut to the core of who I was as a first year seminary student. How much does my life orient around the central fact that I am desperate for the Lord?

"Sure Jesus is your Savior, but is he the Lord of your Life?"

As Palm Sunday is upon us and we remember the triumphal entry, we have to celebrate the king and his penetrating kingdom. This is to be his followers' life work. Do the people see an alternative kingdom where God is on the throne, and peace and justice are not only the norm, but the only option?

So is he Lord of your life?

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