Monday, April 6, 2009

My cup is full

Had a good Palm Sunday service yesterday. My father-in-law brought a solid, well crafted message about the power of our high priest.

Six of us went to Chipotle and to 707, a young adult worship gathering. The guest speaker ended up in the hospital, so they had a service of worship through music, scripture and communion.

It made me realize a few things. First, dynamics in music matter. The ability to build a song or draw back to a complete or near a capella section of a song impacts the worship as much, if not more than the song selected.

Transitions between songs will either aid or destroy the mood/focus of worship.

Good Transitions: Thoughtful Meditation on a scripture of from an idea brought forth in a song.

Bad Transitions: Repeating the words verbatim from the song just sang.

Good Transitions: Smoothly transitioning from song A to song B without pause.

Bad Transitions: Stopping song A and then starting up song B. (That 10 seconds of downtime kills an A.D.D. generation of worshippers.)

Good Transition: Reading a brief scripture with passion, seeking to articulate a life forming truth to the people.

Bad Transitions: Reading a huge passage of scripture, with zero emotion or inflection.

I'm convinced that if musicians pick the songs and perfect them musically and then think they are ready for worship, they are only done with half their preparations. Thoughtful segues/transitions do sooo much for drawing the people into the God's presence.


Wood said...

I agree with your thoughts, I hope our team can continue to improve from where we are to provide the experience in such a way that leads people closer to God.
Im interested always in your comments, would love to get your feedback on our service(s).

Jeff Honnold said...

Couldn't agree with you more. The flow of the entire worship service is some important. The last thing ANY of us involved in a service of worship want to do is derail where the Holy Spirit is guiding.