Friday, April 24, 2009

Cavs Partay.

-Havin' some folk over for the cavs game tonight. Gonna be lots of fun and hopefully we take one from the pistons in their place.

-Got to see a mentor of mine who I hadn't seen in two years. It was a lot of fun. Did alot of talking in a short span of time.

-Tomorrow is our Church's Leadership Summit. We do these once or twice a year to rally the leadership of the church. I will lead worship with Shaina for the first time in ages. Looking forward to God's movement.

-I came across Phil Wickham's website and he is offering free downloads of his cd, Cannons. It is phenomenal. This song has got me right now:

-The Browns will take with their first pick of the draft: Michael Crabtree. And we will lose 11 games this year.

-My truck is in the shop...the frame is almost rusted through. The guy said not to haul anything with it...apparently it won't be long before the frame crumbles. So we are going to try to hang on for 6-8 months and then get a used car...Come on Ranger...just hang on.

-The weather here is unbeatable. Mid 70s and sunny. Enough of this blogging stuff!

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