Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weighing in on Theological Education

Seminary is an interesting experience.

My view of God, of the Bible, of the Church...all have changed somewhat drastically in 3 some ways for the better...some ways I'm not so sure.

There is certainly a subjectivity involved in Seminary that is in one sense liberating and in another sense devastating. We aren't told what to believe. We're told about the differing perspectives on things and then left to make our own minds up. This has made me a very critical thinker, but it has also left me wondering about all things God, Church and Bible oriented.

Big questions gnaw at me.

Can we say the Bible is inerrant? If not, does that mess anything up?

Did God ever desire such an institutionalized form of Christianity? If not, is there any way to go back?

What is the ultimate purpose of the cross? Salvation? Magnifying God? These are hugely different answers with hugely different implications.

Perhaps the thing that is on my mind about seminary right now is the lack of moral guidance and accountability. There are some things that are absolutely not subjective! Child pornography is not left to one's own preferences. Allowing things to get to a place where your spouse walks out on your marriage is not an acceptable thing! Telling someone that you've married the wrong person and want to marry them not a conversation to be had. Participating in same sex relationships is not a choice left to the individual! Alcoholics Monday through Saturday, should not be preaching messages of right living on Sunday.

Yet these things are happening in seminaries across the country. Want to know why our churches are a mess of moral failure, because our leadership leads the way. I'm not saying that pastors aren't allowed to have faults, sins and the like, but at some point, we need to draw the line and say look, if you're called to the ministry then start living to that standard of humbly serving the people of God.

I know this sounds harsh...but the Bible has a prophetic message about spiritual leadership leading the way spiritually...and for the sake of political correctness, we have lost our prophetic voice...and the world sees it.

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