Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lucky 13

Thirteen more wins to go. It was an ugly game, but the cavs are just the better team.

Joe Smith had a big production game. 19 points in 19 minutes...I'm pretty sure they call that efficiency.

They should wrap up the series tomorrow and then sit back and relax as I think Atlanta and Miami could go 6 or 7.

Boston and Orlando are playing mediocre basketball right now which makes me think the Cavs could let their guard down. It'd be nice to see The Lakers drop another one to Utah to make that series go at least 6.

I am beat. Gonna go get a power nap in so that I can be amped up for Bible Study and Megan's concert tonight!

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mikeg said...

This has nothing to do with sports: I commented on your "consumers and producers" post. Good stuff. Let me know what you think. Peace!