Thursday, March 5, 2009


I found this random site while trying to find out information about the high school basketball tournaments.

The name Thompson appears pretty frequently on this list...just happens to be my dad...every time...but once. But I blame the lack of prevalence of my name on this list to a couple main reasons. I am 5'9. The guys I play with openly admit I have a 2 inch vertical. My brain for basketball did not fully develop until age 23.

There ya have it. My cop outs for mediocrity haha.

It is cool though to see the sort of basketball legacy my dad left in high school.

I guess that begs a question of us. What will be your legacy? Maybe even more significantly, what is our legacy? In an era where obscenity is deemed normalcy and war is increasingly destructive (to the land, the combatants, the noncombatants and those who have to deal with it after the fact), when moral conscience is a term that has more to do with a political agenda than a God-driven perspective, what will they say about the Church? Will she fold? Will she run?

If you could write the epitaph on your own tombstone based on what you hope others say about you, what would it say?

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Jeff Honnold said...

You being the assist leader - impressive. And now here you are assisting others through mission, through your words and through living out your faith and helping others understand what it means to be a follower of Christ. Cool.

As for my epitaph - Wow - Maybe - Shined the Light of Christ to All He Came In Contact With