Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My biceps crushed your syringe.

You can't contain me.

Yellow Fever? I laugh at you.

Malaria? You've got nothing on me.

Typhoid? Your mom called and said she wants you to come back home.

Tetanus? Your tactics are a little...rusty.

Explosive Diarrhea? I'm your worst nightmare.

Shots went well. Got some bonus meds to take as well. Crazy thing? I met a lady named Mary who is a nurse in Medina (an hour away from the seminary I attend in Ashland.) Mary hears me sharing what we will be doing in Kenya, and she busts out a picture of her son, Bill, who happens to be a key visionary leader for Pumphouse Ministries in Ashland. Pumphouse Ministries you ask? They just happen to be the group that Empower Worldwide Outreach had been under the umbrella of for the past few years. Bill and another guy Bruce happened to start the microenterprise chicken coop projects in Kenya that we are partnering with.

I won't even tell you about the random guy who came and sat down next to me in the student center at the seminary while I was working on an assignment...He just happens to be a Kenyan native. Go figure. God is anointing the steps of this trip.

Oh and the vaccinations for the team today? Just happen to have been paid for by a generous brother in Christ who has been setting aside money given to the church specifically earmarked for shots for a mission trip!

If God calls, God provides.

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Tiffany said...

My arms hurts.

...that's.... really all I had to say.

No, but really, wasn't even close to being as bad as I thought, and I'm more excited each day.