Friday, March 13, 2009

Week's Meanderings

-This was finals week so my blog life has been on hold. Here's some highlights.

-I wrote about 25 pages of final papers and have another 10 due on Monday. By yesterday I was running on fumes, but the tough part is over.

-My church office is painted. Pictures will be forthcoming.

-Last weekend was my nephew's birthday party in Dayton. Got to go down and spend the weekend there. (Redeemed myself by beating my sister in pig...Lets just say she needs to work on her off the roof, catch and shoot off the backboard shot. haha.)

-Found out I'm going to be an uncle for the fourth time. My other sister, down in South Carolina is expecting her second in October!

-Enjoying Championship Week in the NCAA bball world. Got to watch some games yesterday including part of maybe the craziest game in basketball history, a 6 overtime thriller between Syracuse and UConn.

-Going to my alma mater's game tonight to see if they can win their district and head to regionals. They are the number one team in the state right now in division III. Should be fun to watch.

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