Monday, September 1, 2008

So it begins...

During Vacation my sister Mary Beth and I made a friendly, competitive wager. We both desire to lose some weight (she just had a baby and wants to shed a few of the pregnancy pounds and I just eat alot).

September is the time line for weight loss. Weigh in was today. I weighed in at 209. Thats right. Pick your jaw up off the floor, stop raising your eyebrows and believe it...(although I am a firm believer in muscle weighing more than maybe I'm just muscular.)

One month. Who ever loses more pounds gets olive garden paid for the next time we see each other (shut up about going to olive garden defeating the purpose of the weight loss competition.)

Here are three strategies I am incorporating to win this competition.
1. Exercise Daily
2. Eliminate pop from my diet (except for one mountain dew a week during staff meetings!) I love staff meetings, but they are in my "Zone-Out Zone" The part of the day where I am least productive, least clear in my thinking and most likely to fall asleep with my eyes open.
3. Eat salad whenever I go out to eat and eat salad everyday for lunch.

Here are three problem areas that I hope get addressed on my body this month.
1. My Mountain Dew Gut. I don't drink beer so the gut issue is certainly stemming from overconsumption of the Dew.
2. My pectoral muscles...or...I guess when they cease to be muscles they become "Man Boobs". I need to firm up here.
3. My leg muscles/flexibility/endurance. I want to play basketball without noticing my hamstrings being tight or my groin being ripped to shreds.

I need to do a better job of honoring God with my body. It begins today. I can smell a free plate of manicotti in my future!

1 comment:

Mary Beth said...

You're a dork - but your goals are realistic - at least you have a plan.

However, we'll see who's eating manicotti at the end of the month!

love ya