Monday, September 1, 2008

The First Annual Backyard Olympics

We hosted the young adults from Crown Hill Mennonite Church to a Backyard Olympics Competition yesterday. 9 events. 3 team events, 3 dual events, and 3 individual events. Here's how it went down.

We lost whiffle ball to start the competition 6-2

We won volleyball in two games (best of three)

We lost the obstacle course team event which was hilarious and laced with controversy lol.

We won bocce ball

We won Cornhole

We lost Badminton

We lost the obstacle course

We won the frisbee toss

We were tied 4-4 in gold medals going into the last event CROQUET. It was me, Shaina and Peaches against three of their croquet ringers. It was a nailbiter and as suspense filled as croquet can get. It ended up being between me and one of their players and I got lucky and knocked her out for our 5th gold! Perhaps the most meaningful moment of my life. haha.

This was a fun day and it was good to get to know another group of young adults a little bit. There are already conversations about next year and an expanded field of teams. In the words of my friend Lauren who organized the event, "I think this could be the next ALIVE."

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