Sunday, August 31, 2008

Vacation Day 3-6

To all of you who became incessantly worried when my daily vacation updates ceased lol (Here's to you Wood!)

Monday we went to the beach. I have this disease. It is the "Extreme Caucasian Boy Disease" or E.C.B. People with E.C.B. apply, reapply and lather themselves with suntan lotion and still end up lobsteresque. ECB is an embarrassing disease because everyone on the beach can see that you have the disease the moment your shirt comes off. Your non ECB wife is sittin' there all tan and hot in her new hair cut and there you are, ECB, overweight and covered with manly chest hair. There is no cure.

Tuesday we went to the beach again. Nothing overly exciting. Just beautiful weather. The nice thing about going to Hilton Head at the end of August is that there is virtually no one there. Everyone was heading back to school. After the beach we got dolled up and went to a bed and breakfast in Savannah. This was the absolute highlight of the trip for me. I love history and nature and the two really hit it off in Savannah. We stayed at Bed and Breakfast Inn in the Egyptian Room. Here's a note for you men. If you are ever looking at room options for a bed and breakfast...pick the one with the floral design that you think is gaudy. I saw all the rooms in this place online and chose the Egyptian room because it had some cool color schemes (by cool, I mean more manly.) We climbed to the top floor of this b&b and passed "Magnolia" and other female sounding rooms and we finally arrived at our getaway resort. We walked in and Shaina says, "You picked this room?" DOH! We had a nice stroll through Savannah, ate at a quaint little restaurant and then had some gelato at Gelatoohhhhh's.

Wednesday, we went to Mrs. Wilke's for lunch. It was fantastic. Go there. It is a one of a kind dining experience and they are only open from 11-2.

Thursday was another beach day and then we took the dogs to a little doggy park and then took them to the beach at high tide. We had four full size dogs...not fru fru dogs, no ankle biters...300 pounds of canine. Boone, the 120 pound Yellow lab played in the ocean for nearly an hour. When we got home we watched a movie and Boone yacked....twice...a puddle of seaweed and saltwater that covered half the living room carpet. It was the most amazing vomit spectacle I've ever witnessed.

Friday, beach one more time and then the return trip which saw us arrive at 3 a.m. Saturday morning. it was a great trip. more to come on some other things that are happening.

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Wood said...

Great to hear you loved Savannah, we loved it too, will end up going back there someday (the wife wants me to get a job there!). I cannot comment on the ECB, as I have that as well, along with a little more body mass to get burned (think bacon on a frying pan, that was me in South Carolina!). Also after 21 years (gotta remember the card this week) ive learned that the "flowery sounding" rooms are always the favorites. Dont worry about losing your "man card", there are usually a couple other husbands that had to sleep in the "magnolia" or "rose petal" room!