Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vacation Day 2

We went to church at Live Oak Christian Church today. It was a good time of worship. The pastor preached for his second time since being hired to replace the man who planted the church. He did a solid job. Good times were had by all. The worship leader did "Only You" by David Crowder. That song had flown off my radar for a long time. I like it alot.

My mom, sister, Shaina and I decided to head to the beach this evening. We loaded up a 6 week old baby and four good sized dogs and went. We had our hands full. Shadow, my dog since I was 17 had her first encounter with the ocean in years. She drank the salt water, peed and pooped in the water and then threw up 4 times while we were on the beach. It was least for us. Woe to the unsuspecting early morning jogger who takes the illadvised step into half day old yack.

I enjoy the free time to simply rest. I am going to add 1 Peter to my reading goals for the week. Yesterday I read in chapter one that we are filled with Living Hope. Those words have stuck with me...Does my life resemble hope for those who see me? Does yours?

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