Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm Angry

On Sunday, Shaina and I had a big day. We had to pick up a few things from WalMart to prepare for a big event/outreach the church was doing for the Wadsworth Community.

We had to get our stuff in record time, so I went in one door and she went in the other and we agreed to meet back out at the car.

I beat her back and got in the car to go pick her up. This is the scene that took place.

I saw a lady unload her cart and then put it on the little grassy area that divides parking sections. How hard would it have been to walk it 30 steps away to the nearest cart return space?

Then I saw a random cart rolling across the parking lot. I proceeded to pick up Shaina and noticed that a young woman who was Asian and spoke broken English had just turned from her vehicle, where she was loading something in, to her cart to grab the next thing. Only, her cart was gone! It had rolled across and ended up either bumping another lady who was unloading her cart, or bumping her car. Keep in mind it was moving about as fast as I run (slowly). I drove by and watched the remaining interaction in my mirror. The Asian girl, timidly but playfully realized her cart had pulled one over on her at the same time that the older lady realized she had been assaulted by a slow moving cart. The lady looked outraged, started yelling at the Asian girl and then shoved the cart violently either at her or into her vehicle.

Welcome to America my Asian friend, a land where you are more likely to get shot at, mugged or raped before you will be welcomed into someone's home. A land that needs mustard hope.

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Wood said...

Welcome to Walmart. What would be the reaction if the lady that got hit laughed as well, and nicely pushed the cart back? the commercials about personal responsibility really show what the world could be like. Is it just TV?