Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm Happy

We had our "first annual" cornhole tournament and GPS kickoff event on Sunday.

Here are some of the highlights.

We weren't sure how many teams to expect at the cornhole tourney. Thus we had no idea how to form the bracket. 64 teams signed up. Perfect for a single elimination bracket!

We found out that the store had lost our bun order for hot dog buns. Big problem. We prayed. As soon as we said Amen, the phone rang and they had found the order and would have them ready for us. Big Solution.

We had many people there who were not from the church. Our church folks spent time with them, getting to know them, making them feel welcome, etc.

We probably had 200 people there which was a great turnout and is perhaps the start of something new.

It was a great day.

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Wood said...

Awesome day, great turnout. Great to have it be alot of fun so that people could just say Hi. I remember my first experience here at this church. Super Bowl party, and Im like "no way this can be remotely fun". I had a great time, met some people who became good friends, and found out that not all church people practice "long-faced religion". Found people who could be fun and irreverent AND have a heart for God. Hopefully some people were affected the same way and will have their lives change too.