Monday, September 22, 2008

Greatest Sporting Event of the Year

I don't know if you all had time this weekend to take in the Ryder Cup at Valhalla in Kentucky, but it is some of the most exciting golf imaginable. (I know some of you don't generally put golf and excitement in the same sentence). The Ryder Cup is a group of the best American golfers competing against a group of the best European golfers in a three day, team event. It happens every few years (maybe every three?) and is stinkin' fun.

First, professional golf is typically an individual sport, so to have a team event that puts each team member in a team atmosphere, depending and being depended on by other teammates is just a great atmosphere. If you watched yesterday as the U.S. moved toward recapturing their first Cup since the 90's, you saw crowds going nuts, golfers with more passion than they have at any individual event and some of the most intense moments ever to happen on a golf course.

So that's the Monday Question...What is the best sporting event around? World Series? Super Bowl? Olympics? Competitive Eating? Weigh in!

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Wood said...

Super none, though watching the Nathans Hot Dog eating contest has become a family favorite of Adam and I. It is great to see Ryder cup and the competitors getting excited on a golf course for a change, the way all of us normal hacks do when we play.