Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dear Romeo Crennel

Dear Mr. Head Coach of the Browns,

Ok buddy, heres the deal. You have been with the Browns for three years and I have to admit the excitement levels have been up since your arrival. Last year's draft may have been front page news across the country, and then to come out and go 10-6 when the world believed you'd be lucky to win 5 games, that was equally impressive.

But here's the deal. The bar is set higher now. All the pieces are said to be in place. You have high caliber players on offense and your bosses spent all sorts of money on the defense.

And you're 0-2. Yes, I realize the Cowboys are pretty dominant and have to be considered the NFC favorite and maybe the superbowl favorite, but you could have at least had your team show up for that game. And Pittsburgh? No excuse. You are 0-5 against them or something horrendous like that. You can go 2 -14 and we'd call it a success if your two wins were against the steelers. Yes, they are a tough team, but they are in the division and if you want to be known as the team to beat in the AFC North then you have to beat that team of women from PA.

I've decided your job is on the line. This is do or die week for you. You have to go into Baltimore and take one from them and then take one from Cincy too the following week or you're done. To add insult to injury, if you don't pull off two wins in the next two weeks, we will hire Bill Cowher as sickening as that sounds. No pressure buddy, but its now or never.

Your potential #1 fan,


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Wood said...

Note to Mr Crennel...keep up the good work. Those of us Steeler Fans(when you win games you get to capitalize the name) think youre doing a great job with the browns, but Ben is right, you cant lose to the Ravens and Bengals (hurts the Steelers chances). Besides, we like watching Cowher on TV in the studio...having him come to the browns would be horrible!

Note to Ben..youre always welcome to come over to a real team, we will accept you with open arms.