Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thanks alot

I was talking to a lady from church yesterday. She was talking about how the electric company in town had received a thank you from an elementary school class for all their hard work after the recent power outages by the remnant of Hurricane Ike. The electric company apparently never receives thank yous and since this was their first, they decided to show their appreciation for the kids appreciation and go visit the class.

I drove by the school on my way to the church this morning and wouldn't you know it, a couple guys from the electric company were there with one of their giant trucks and all the kids were just looking up in awe at these cool visitors.

The power of thanks is lost isn't it? All week, amidst the aftermath of the storms, while many were without power for days, the complaint was pretty consistent...what the heck is taking so long? why isn't the electric company doing anything about this?

I know we've all been there, to point where you're physically, emotionally and spiritually spent and feel underappreciated, underacknowledged, and suddenly undermotivated. Those moments where people say that you have done something meaningful is the only thing that keeps you from throwing in the towel. Think about it...who do you need to go out of your way to thank today? Make it meaningful. Plant a mustard seed.

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