Friday, September 26, 2008

The Cuban Pizza Prophet

I work at a pizza shop part time. I do the early morning pizza prep jobs like making dough, rolling out the dough and making sauce. Recently I met a new hire, Luigi who just made his way to Smithville with stops in Miami, Central America and Cuba. He was born and raised in Cuba and is a stellar feller.

He is a Christian and is adjusting to life in the U.S. We worked together yesterday and I just wanted to share some of the profound things that he said. (It is best to read these aloud with as thick a Spanish accent as you can muster."

1. "Today I work in the morning and then have to come back and work this evening. Then tomorrow I have to work 12 hours and I am exhausted."

2. "The American Church is dying because they have forgotten about God."

3. "You Americans have replaced Jesus with other, money, houses, have to have the best new have forgotten God."

4. "There is no time for me be with Jesus. Every day I have to repent and ask forgiveness because I have not spent enough time with my Lord...but I am trying the best I can."

5. "The Methodist Church here in America is dying, but in Cuba it is not dying!"

6. "I try to find a sermon on tv and I find pornography. This is not good."

7. "Churches here have pastors who go to a seminary, but they are bad. They do bad things and they forget to invite people to Jesus for salvation."

Any of these hit you like they hit me?