Friday, September 26, 2008

Man points down the drain

Shaina is at work. I just finished up at the pizza shop for the day, went to get my haircut and then got home. Fixed myself a hot juicy man-burger, with sunchips and macaroni salad to boot. I decided to go down to the man cave, a.k.a. the basement and throw something on while I ate.

Keep in mind we have basic cable, which is about 25 channels, many of which are either Spanish or religious, so remove those and theres basically like 8 channels. I flipped to TBS, generally a surefire place to spend a lunch break mindlessly watching something.

Not so today...A Walk to Remember was on. As soon as I saw it, the batteries must have disintegrated in the remote or something because I watched the last half hour of it with out once changing the channel.

To make matters worse, either the spices I added to my burger got to me or I was freakin' tearing up.

Is it ok to watch a chick flick? Yes...if there is a lady you are trying to impress with you.
Is it ok to tear up at a chick flick? See above answer.

I feel filthy. I had to watch the first 5 minutes of Home Improvement just to cover up the smell of femininity coming from the man cave.

Alright Man-fession...what one movie would you secretly watch by yourself and even tear up at?
Ladies, ever caught your fellow watching a chick flick when you weren't even around?

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