Sunday, August 3, 2008


I got home today from a good day at church. Put my dirty clothes in the clothes basket, kissed Shaina before she went off to work and I went down into the mancave otherwise known as our basement. I turned on the tv, which was actually the first time I'd done that in weeks. I watched the bridgestone invitational golf tournament at Firestone in Akron. And by watched, I mean I saw like two shots and then passed out. I slept for a couple hours.

I got up made some pizza and watched the rest of the golf tournament which was a really good tournament (found out that my buddy was going to give me a ticket to go with them today but didn't ask because he knew I was preaching! Oh the cost of following Jesus lol!).

I did NOTHING. I sat around until 7:00 at which time I went and played a little basketball. This is the closest to a sabbath rest that I have taken in probably a month. What are your thoughts on the Sabbath? Do you take a Sabbath day weekly in which you just rest and delight in the Lord?

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