Tuesday, July 29, 2008


You've missed me. I know. Here's the thing though. I am working like crazy! There are some really exciting things getting ready to take off at the church I'm serving. Our staff is bustin' to get it all ready for September launch. Here's a mini-preview to wet your whistle.

God desires authentic community with us and he also desires us to experience authentic community with others. We need small group fellowship. That is all that can be said. If you aren't regularly meeting with other folks of faith, you are missing something vital to your spiritual health! Here are just a few of the offerings for the Wednesday night small group launch we're beginning in September:
  • Alpha-If you've got questions, doubts or just need to build a strong foundation to your faith, this is for you. Check out the promo that we'll be showing at church this Sunday. Brits call promos or advertisements "adverts". That information is free. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGI3z9YXW9A
  • Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace-Manage your money by kingdom principles
  • Disciple I and Disciple V- I have not personally taken either, but I am using the Disciple I book to prepare some devotional material and it is fantastic. It does a better job at laying out what is happening in the scriptures than any other one resource I've seen. Are you willing to dig deep into God's word for 9 weeks? That's all it takes and it will change you!
  • There are many other options as well!

Another cool thing that is getting ready to launch is our GPS series. GPS is essentially a 34 week look at the scriptures. It's a whirlwind overview that just looks to give us some "navigational help" as we go through the Bible. I am writing devotions for this series and I have really enjoyed it so far. 8 weeks down so far!

The GPS series, along with all of our fall programming (I hate that word for church), is kicking off with THE GPS KICKOFF EVENT!!!! It is September 7 and if you have any level of coolness in your DNA you will be there and you will bring a friend. There will be a City Wide Cornhole Tournament with the winners receiving GPS systems! There will be free food! There will be a GPS Treasure Hunt and there may even me a television broadcast of the BROWNS-COWBOYS game on a big screen! I am really hopeful that this will generate some excitement for all the great things we have going on this fall.

What on this list of exciting endeavors tickles your pickle the most? Let me know!

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