Sunday, August 3, 2008

Everything Must Change

I decided after finishing my church planting portfolio that I was going to read one of the books that I had purchased to just read. This has become increasingly difficult to do over the last few years as I have had dozens of books assigned through the seminary, and have had to read other books to prep lessons for various church teaching opportunities.
So I decided to be selfish and just read one that had sparked my interest. Brian McLaren is frankly not well liked by many traditional evangelicals, but his views on postmodernism and the emergent church are important and often times accurate. This book has been good so far. The chapters are short, which I thoroughly enjoy. I can read a chapter before bed, at the dentists, on the john, etc.
One line that stuck out from the first few chapters: We spend an awful lot of time worrying and arguing about whether God likes a contemporary style of music in worship or if He prefers the piano or organ, but what we need to realize is that there are so many more issues that the church should be focusing on that are causing harm and injustice on a global scale. (Paraphrase). Stay tuned to find out my take on the book as I get further into it. Have you read any books that have smacked you upside the head?
P.S. McLaren is coming to this conference in the Dayton area. Anybody want to go with me? It sounds like a really tangible way to bring the Easter Kingdom into this Good Friday world!

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