Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mangled hands and America's Pasttime

I either sprained or tore ligaments in my pinky playing basketball a couple weeks ago. It hurts but I pressed on. Then I played basketball again Monday night and I got my middle finger on the other hand bent funny and under the nail is all black and blue. Then, the infamous lawnmower attack left a big bone bruise beneath my thumb on the back of my hand, near my wrist. Finally, the thumb on the hand with the injured pinky and bone bruised wrist got bent funny playing basketball again last night.

I have waited all my life for a home run ball to come to me at an Indians game. Tonight, I will be sitting in section 180 row M in left field at Progressive Field and wouldn't you know it, I'm almost certain my homerun ball will come to me. And I'll drop it, messing up at least one more finger. Regardless, it will be a fun night at the ballpark.

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