Saturday, June 14, 2008

I like my job

Top Ten Reasons I Like My Role as Young Adult Pastor at Wadsworth United Methodist

10. I get free energy drinks from the young adults (although...kinda nasty.)
9. I can get 4 men to simultaneously lick an ice cream cone (that kind of power is enticing lol)
8. I have discovered my quasi-popularity through my 110 friends on Facebook (and counting)
7. The commitment levels of everyone are extremely high. (Ok I'm lying on this one...for the most part)
6. I'm part of a church that is making some movement in the right direction and I have a role in catalyzing that.
5. There are moments when I am irrelevant and God is glorified. (Lord help me to hunger for these moments.
4. I haven't played so much Stupid Ninja, Telephone Pictionary, Risk, Solitaire Frenzy, etc. in my whole life.
3. If God allows, I might be able to have a mustard impact
2. Shaina and I make a good team. I come up with an idea last minute, she despises me and the idea but helps me pull it off and it works.
1. I may be where the Lord has called for the first time since trying to answer God's call to China.

Why does your job rock...or not?


Wood said...

Im glad you are here as well, and that you like your job. Keep up the good ARE having an impact (though four men licking ice cream?????)

Wood said...

And, why does my job rock? I get to work out of my house (the one or two days a week I dont travel) which means I get to be with my kids more. Plus, selling chocolate milk is fun!

Ben said...

You'll have to ask Lauren about the ice cream licking incident...(or Evan...though he may be too traumatized to talk about it!)